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LEARNING at home? LEARNING in a classroom?

Find low prep constructive learning activities in our Printable Stash! Why try to reinvent the wheel? Save valuable time and tap into a resource that will bring valuable, productive results for EDUCATING your children and EVERYDAY LIFE!

Back To School Reflections

Back to school Icebreakers, Warm Ups, Exit Tickets, or “When I’m done” work. These FLEXIBLE reflections can be used for QUICK activities OR EXTENDED activities requiring students to respond on their own or together as a class.


Zoo Animal Pack

Imagination, counting, writing, drawing and riddles…all wrapped up in one super cute package! Kids will love the adorable zoo animals!

5 POWERFUL Motivation Verses when you feel like Quitting


Ready to get back to school? Whether you homeschool, teach in a classroom, or are going back to school yourself, things can be challenging!

This was made to encourage you:

10 different looks including color, black and white as well as gray patterns of a cool graphic to print and post on a wall, include in a presentation, slip into the cover of a binder, or place inside of a journal to refer to when you need strength to get through it.

A reminder that you are not alone…you got this…& God has your back!

K-2 Research Citing Sources

The purpose of this presentation packet is to give a basic introduction to citing sources for elementary students in Kindergarten, First, and Second grade. The intention is to plant seeds for responsible learners who will let others know where the information was found rather than write research papers as if the thoughts were their own.

Change Behavior With Reflection


The purpose of this packet is to help kids immediately reflect upon behavior and find ways to change bad choices into good choices while opening up a productive discussion between parent/student and/or teacher/student. Great for homeschool and classroom use.

Out Of This World Activity Pack

Imagination, counting, writing, drawing and jokes…all wrapped up in one “out of this world” package! Kids will love the realistic planet pictures!


Education & Enrichment


Everyday Life



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